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Hey whats up guys!

This is Ran from RanDom TV and I wanted to introduce to you my new blog in which I will be releasing the latest content on live TV streaming services! Get the latest info, tips and tricks on anything related to online TV streaming here! Hope you can find something useful! Be sure to check out RanDomTV.org as we are growing at an unexpected pace. 

RanDom TV honestly started out coincidently. I bought a “jailbroken” firestick and it just did not have some of the features that everyone typically looks for when they want to watch TV. First and foremost that would be the Live TV portion. I want to watch SportsCenter and catch the morning news. I wanted all of the latest channels you would typically get with a cable or a satellite package and it was nowhere to be found. The Firestick did not have anything I really wanted to watch.

I called the guy who sold me the “Firestick” and asked him about getting some sort of TV service with all of the channels. He recommended  one of I would say the most popular companies that is available today. I signed up for 3 months. Selection was everything I was looking for at the time. The price was good. The downside was the constant lagging and buffering. This is the best company out and the service is not 100%?

With a pretty solid background in computers, specifically graphic design and programing, I was already evaluating the pros and cons of this business. I knew there would be a better way to offer this type of service. I began to further examine the market and found that either the selection was good or the quality was good. The customer service across the board was horrible. A more efficient way of streaming Live TV, movies, and tv series watch as you go began.

You always think when you launch a business that it will be a hit, right? I felt it was going to be successful and it would grow gradually. I launched www.RanDom-TV.com initially without it being 100% complete. I started simultaneously doing some promotion and I got my first quick hint that this is going to be a thing. Customer service and fulfilling orders became the forefront and I had to put the final touches on the website on the backburner. Before I knew it within a couple of months, I started getting website ad affiliate offers and GoDaddy.com mentioned RanDom TV within the top performing websites vs. competitors generating traffic in the same particular category.

Due to this growth, we made the executive decision to upgrade our hosting and website platforms to accommodate a larger audience. RandomTV.org is now the official website of RanDom TV and affiliated products. We have joined forces with some popular names that also offer amazing products/services in their respective industry like TorGuard VPN and IONOS hosting services to offer you the complete solution in TV streaming services. 

I would like to say thank you for all of the current subscribers, resellers, and affiliates for making RanDom TV one of the best services available today!

Customer service, technical support, or general information reach out to us toll free.

1 (844) 325-3518 Call/Text

Not only to we offer an amazing service to subscribers, but we have also extended the courtesy of offering corporate accounts to accommodate volume. We also offer reseller and complete rebranding solutions to start your own business.