Ran Dom T V


We are the popular growing live TV service application technology that was recently introduced in which has taken the way live TV is being offered to a level only one has imagined. RanDom TV has become one of the most popular choices in selecting Live TV, VOD, and TV Series. RanDom TV has become the popular choice for Live TV due to being able to offer high quality resolution channels, no buffering, smooth interface, & offers multiple plans to specifically suite your viewing requirements.

RanDom TV currently is offered on all major platforms!

The following devices have been approved to offer RanDom TV.

Amazon Firestick, Android TV, IOS (Apple Devices), Android Phones, Microsoft Windows, & Roku have all aggreed that RanDom TV is the preferred choice for all of your viewing experience. 

Unlike many other providers, the RanDom TV application offers different types of plans.

  • The Premier Package – 1,000+ Channels of all of your favorite sports, news, movies, documentary, entertainment, adult channels with most leading local/national channels in United States.
  • Full Access Package – 10,000K Incredible Channels designed for  Worldwide viewer. 

Not only does this allow you more selection but we also have multiple layers/ plans in place to always being able to offer stability with your service. 

Both packages include

  • Video On Demand (VOD) ,


  • TV Series, watch as you go programming

Subscription includes unlimited access to your favorite channels and is able to be used on 3 devices. 

Developer tested, customer approved! , RanDom TV Live TV Technology offers a unique viewing experience that has allowed us to become the leading choice in Live TV! 


Customer service & satisfaction is our main priority. RanDom TV offers step by step technical support and also customer service.

Please call 1 (844) 325-3518. Our toll free number also accepts phone calls and now also text messaging. Email info@randomtv.org


RanDom TV is currently offering multiple opporunities and options for becoming a reseller! Work your own hours and be your own boss. Many resellers are able to sustain a monthly income of over 4,000 a month in a short period of time. 

RanDom TV offers multiple types of reseller panels such as the Premier Package or the Full Access Package. This gives customer an option. It also allows resellers to select the service they know they can move. Your panel will allow you to manage your customers which typically includes tasks such as  issuing usernames, passwords, and control various user functions such as creating new subscriber with length of service. 

Message us for more info on becoming a reseller!


Are looking to create your own brand and business? Our partnership program would be a great solution in being able to take advantage of launching a business you would completely own and control. Multiple options available and is typically customizable to the partnership business that we are doing business with. 

Services offered in the Partnership can include all of the following or less depending where you are at with your business:

Logo, Website, Custom Application, Panel, & all resources required to being able to completely own your own business! Call or message us today for a free consultation so we can customize a plan to get you started!

This type of streaming service and application is growing very fast and in very high demand. This type of live TV is more efficient, offers a better selection, and is more affordable than traditional methods of viewing television. 


Yes. We would highly suggest a VPN not only for your Live TV service but for all of your internet connected devices. TorGuard is one of the industry leading VPN’s available that offers comprehensive protection with easy to use functions. TorGuard is available for ALL major devices that use the internet! www.TorGuard.net