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Get Live TV now! The stability of our software has allowed us to offer you an amazing service. Take your viewing experience to the next level! 

Our framework is based off of a hybrid of previous successful software technology. Benchmark tests and performance studies allowed us to identify trends and to chart data. We developed a system based off of this data which allowed us to maximize performance and create stability.

Our software features a proprietary list of unique features, like overload playlist protection (OTT), which allows large volumes of channels to be processed without jeopardizing speed.


Stream live TV in the highest absolute quality possible. The stability of the framework allows an incredible amount of performance to be dedicated to the single most important factor of the media you are streaming. Which of course is the quality! All incoming video is transcoded to be displayed in its absolute highest format because of software includes the latest technology available. More performance designated to the quality of the video thus allows less buffering. This is why our application does not lag or buffer like many other applications that are available today. When you use the guide and search for channels it is very smooth.   

You will always receive the latest software and the highest quality streams in 4K and UHD format. Don’t jeopardize quality or accept service that is not up to par.. 


We extend the courtesy of offering a wide variety of options which includes a choice in multiple RanDom TV software applcations, service plans, subscription length, and customization of your service!

Choose which RanDom TV application you would like to stream your channels. The following are the best solutions available in streaming today followed by your choice of channel package. 

RanDom TV (vNeutro) – This is our most popular version of RanDom TV due to its smooth interface and guide that allows searching and viewing an amazing experience.

RanDom TV (vSmarters) – This application is going to be more of your standard application that would be the perfect solution if you are wanting something more traditional. 

RanDom TV (vXciptv)

– RanDom TV (vImplayer)

– RanDom TV (vPurple)

Both applications are equipped to accommodate the same number of channels and also include multiple packages.


Select what type of package suites you best. RanDom TV application has some amazing packages options!

1) Premier Package – Includes a 1,400 package of an amazing lineup of channels which include news, sports, documentary, movies, entertainment, and so much more. Also has on demand Movies, & TV Series play as you go at no additional charge. 

2) Full Access Package – Includes almost 9,000 total channels and has an exclusive group of channels that includes where viewing of a worldwide variety would be important. 

Each subscription comes with 3 connections.

Select the length of service that is right for your needs. Go Month-To-Month or check out our most popular package like the 6-month service deal. Our best value is the year package. No contracts or commitments! 

Your subscription just begins when you select the length of service. We will personally reach out to you to see which channels you are looking for and customize your package specifically to suite your viewing needs. We do this as a courtesy of being a subscriber of RanDom TV.

Customer Service 

The satisfaction of your service is at the upmost importance. Knowing that you are able to access your live TV without hiccup is going to be the single most important factor in keeping you as a customer. We are becoming one the fastest growing leaders as a technology application per last month’s website statistics compared to companies that are similar!

RanDom TV strives to provide excellent customer service and technical support. Have any questions or need help installing software? Let us walk you through the process. 

1. Toll Free Call or Text 1-(844)-325-3518

2. Email – info@randomtv.org

3. Website “Contact Us” Link


Bottom line, it gets to the point to where what we have to offer speaks for itself. Check out what RanDom TV has to offer and compare it with others. Try us out for a month to explore the options and service. Experience what is all offered and the options you have compared to your previous service. See what the hype is all about. It’s very likely you may have been referred by a family or friend that currently has this service.

Important things to consider:

Speed of streaming source, channel variety, application technology used, and your device with internet speed are important variables to consider when selecting your TV source. We have carefully considered all variables to ensure that we are able to offer and provide one of the best services available today!

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