Ran Dom T V

Become A Reseller!

Would you like to work from home? Looking for full time income or just a part time gig? We are looking for motivated individuals looking for an awesome opportunity to grow with an awesome company! Bottom line, financial security is a very important thing. We will provide you with all of the tools to become a successful reseller of the service. We will train you and answer any questions. For a reseller, its simply a game of numbers. The more monthly subscribers you have, the more you will be able to make each month. Many resellers are able to establish 400+ subscribers in a short period of time. In return if a customer pays $15-30 per month and you have over 400+ subscribers you are making on the bottom end $1,000+ a week if they pay $15.

You are setup to be successful.

A variety of marketing methods are useful when you are trying to build your subscribers. Alot of resellers like to first introduce the product/service to family and friends. This product in particular is very useful with word-of-mouth marketing. Your family and friends that you introduce this product to, amazed as I was when I found it, will then let others know intentionally or not-intentionally sometimes. This will start your foundation of subscribers. We have found social networking and forms of all online marketing to be useful. Marketing tools such as flyers have been useful to establish a presence in your area. Create a presentation and do door-to-door in your neighborhood if you have these skills. Once you build your legitimacy with the product with friends, family, and locally you will start to grow simply by being reputable. Ultimately as you build your foundation you will have the ability to invest a small percentage of what you’re making into effective marketing campaigns to take your subscriber counts to another level. We will personally advise you on these next steps that will get you to the 400+ subscriber goal in which would be ideal for successful living.

Looking forward to working with you!

I will personally work with you and answer any questions on the phone, via email, or even text to assist you as we will work together for you and I both to become a success.

Looking for a limited time to add a select group of entrepreanuers that have the ability to sell and can take a business to the next level.